I graduated from Skagit Valley College in 2004 and immediately fell in love with Flash ActionScript, building several games before finding my first development job in Bellingham later that year. I purchased KalinFlash.com shortly afterward, to serve as my portfolio site, planning to keep my career focused on Flash development.

However, I also do a lot of writing–personal stories, articles, blog posts, and science fiction stories and novels. In early 2010, after completing my third novel, I revamped my writing website, KalinBooks.com, giving the WordPress platform a try. After customizing my first theme, I found myself impressed with the organization, ease-of-use and extensibility, so I began developing plugins for my own use: Easy Edit Links, Post List and PDF Creation Station, which are now available for free download through WordPress.org.

As a result of my WordPress development I’ve gained skills in PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JQuery. Also in the last couple years I’ve experimented with Android development and Java, Titanium/Appcelerator, Google App Engine, and a sampling of the iPhone SDK.

In June 2011 I upgraded KalinFlash.com to the WordPress site you see now. This will serve as my portfolio. Development-related blog posts or in-depth instructions for my apps will most likely appear somewhere on KalinBooks.com.

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Kalin-
    I just ran across your portfolio and have a couple opportunities that I think could be a nice fit for you skills/experience. Please let me know if you are available for a phone interview tomorrow.


  2. Hi,

    my name is harry and i am personal fitness coach in germany. i am searching for a man , who can programm a pdf plugin…..
    i am searching for wordpress pdf plugin (like yours) but with more functions and membership function.

    what should this plugin do?!

    when i got a new client in my job as personal fitness trainer, i have to take a medical history. it is round about 4-6 sites of din-a 4 paper. when i finished it, i go to my office, i type it into a software, that makes a beautiful layout with logo etc. then i print it and give it to my client. so i have to do it twice. first at my client on paper, at my office again into the software. i want this option integrated a website. like your plugin is working. but, i don’t like it not for me alone. 😉

    i want a membership funcionality or a connection to a membership plugin, where all members on my site should by able to create a form with their questions for their clients. they can upload their logo, and the site put it on a fix place. so wordpress create a individual and good looking medical history. the medical history should be an .pdf file for download or as a email attachment.

    sorry for my bad english.

    your plugin, that allows every member to customize their pdf. output file.

    thats all 😉

    is it possible?! can you help me?! how much du you think will it cast ans so on?! 🙂

    best regards harry

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