Baked Cabbage, Onion and Bratwurst

Make cabbage crispy and flavorful


shredded cabbage

thinly sliced onion

salt and seasonings (I used old bay in one dish and salt, cumin, garlic and pepper in the other)

oil (I used avocado oil)

Bratwurst or sausage (I used Aldi chicken sausage)

Mix shredded cabbage with finely sliced onions. I used about one small onion per quarter head of cabbage, so it’s maybe 20% onion very roughly. I mixed this with enough oil to lightly coat the vegetables, then tossed it with seasonings. Be careful with the seasonings. They can become powerful surprisingly quickly. Mix up and sample the cabbage and add seasonings until you get something you like.

Take a casserole dish, place your sausages on the bottom and cover with the cabbage mixture. I think I baked mine at 370 for about an hour, then turned it down to 350. The top turned out nice and crispy while the sausage was steamed from the moisture of the cabbage. The seasonings turned boring cabbage into something lovely and flavorful.

I used two small onions and about a third of a large cabbage to cover four sausages in two separate casserole dishes.

I may try cooking this on a flat pan next time so that the cabbage is more exposed. I’m thinking that may get a crispier result.

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