Kalin Ringkvist Fiction Books Available on Amazon

Against A Rock: A violent, action-packed cyberpunk novel about a racist, slave-owning woman who has been heavily enhanced with cybernetic implants.

The Pioneers: A station inhabited entirely by children orbits a distant world. They grow up in isolation, without parents or communication with Earth. With nothing but computer systems for guidance, they must build a self-sustaining ecosystem on a lifeless world.

Violence in New Eden: Here are four short stories filled with action, violence and morally questionable behavior, all set in New Eden, the galaxy of EVE Online.

The Water Glass Collection: 10 of my short stories that are (mostly) not science fiction, each with an introduction.

Stories of New Beginnings: 10 stories I wrote in high school for creative writing class. I also ramble for a bit about what each of these mean to me, how they came to be and how they make me feel deep down inside, taking you on a journey through the early years of my storytelling career.

If you want to read these for free, contact me privately on Facebook.