Kalin Ringkvist Fiction Books Available on Amazon

Daughter: The Journals of Allihence and the Wild Ones – Allihence religiously keeps a diary as she and 39 of her young friends are about to be sold to aliens as hosts. They accept this at first, but soon become frustrated and make a daring and morally questionable escape. Now they must live off the land while hiding from hunters and meteor showers, and cross forests, deserts and mountains to reach safety far in the east.

They discover dark secrets about their world, created by the gods who are really just people. Now their journey is about more than just themselves. As the stress grows, Allihence becomes increasingly obsessed with her journal as she loses her grip on the real world.

Against A Rock – A violent, action-packed cyberpunk novel about a racist, slave-owning woman who has been heavily enhanced with cybernetic implants.

The Pioneers – A station inhabited entirely by children orbits a distant world. They grow up in isolation, without parents or communication with Earth. With nothing but computer systems for guidance, they must build a self-sustaining ecosystem on a lifeless world.

Violence in New Eden – Four short stories filled with action, violence and morally questionable behavior, all set in New Eden, the galaxy of EVE Online.

The Water Glass Collection – Ten of my short stories that are (mostly) not science fiction, each with an introduction.

Stories of New Beginnings: 10 stories I wrote in high school for creative writing class. I also ramble for a bit about what each of these mean to me, how they came to be and how they make me feel deep down inside, taking you on a journey through the early years of my storytelling career.

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