Kalin’s Photography

Images are public domain, royalty free. Use however you like. Here are the originals on DropBox. I took these on various phones over the years. Other than compressing files, none of them have been altered.

Gallery 1

My cat, Hovander Park in Ferndale Washington, Chihuly Museum in Seattle, Colorado.

Gallery 2

New York, Pittsburgh forest mushrooms, Florida petting zoo, a butterfly, a dog and a stray cat.

Gallery 3

Flowers in Phipps Conservatory, ice formations, Pittsburgh stairs and subway, more mushrooms, an overloaded car, a Texas stadium, and a squirrel.

Gallery 4

Alaska cruise and flight, Texas flooding and parks, Seattle Kubota Garden, butterflies and a pet rat.

Gallery 5

More Kubota Garden, Seattle trains, Pittsburgh parks

Gallery 6

Pittsburgh train tracks, bridges, tunnel, graffiti, yet another mushroom and a flower.

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