Reinventing Crime Prevention

Highlighted articles:

How to Re-Invent Crime Prevention 6 ways to upgrade police, 17 crime prevention ideas and 7 anti-crime concepts

Increase Mental Health Funding to Stop Violence An easy fact sheet listing scientific studies about how mental health programs decrease crime.

All My Police Interactions A quick list of all my encounters with police officers which will quickly show you why I am so opposed to what they do.

My Police Brutality Story This was the major, traumatizing event that I repressed for 20 years. I include gory details.

35 Ways Criminal Justice is Counter-Productive to Peace on Earth A concise list of social and psychological reasons why the whole system does not work.

What if there’s a Better Way? A poem about the problems with and potential solutions for our criminal justice system.

My Night in Jail  Told like a short-story, this explains what jail was like for me and countless others and shows some of the corruption and cruelty.

The Officer Did Nothing to Hurt Me Another poem, this one about a terrifying night where I was mistaken for someone who had stolen a DVD player.

The cartoon is from Mud Company

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I’ve spent 20 years dealing with emotional trauma from police brutality. I’ve prayed that people would take a look at the idea that police and prisons could be replaced with mental health professionals and compassionate treatment options. I truly believe such a system would cost less taxpayer money, be more efficient at preventing crime and more effective at building our economy. Thanks to Black Lives Matter, for the first time in twenty years I no longer feel alone in these opinions and that means so much to me right now.

The recurring theme in these writings is that while systemic racism is what directly harms the most people, the core problem is much more complicated. Our fundamental attitudes about criminal justice need to be re-examined. We need a science and communication based approach that maintains a focus on the actual goal of crime prevention and harm reduction.

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