Black Market Rebellion – Flash Sci-Fi RPG

In 2004 I started building a large-scale endeavor I called Black Market Rebellion. After three months of work while still line cooking for a living, I had a role-playing game starring a tank in old-school Legend Of Zelda style, with a variety of weapons, items, obstacles, and abilities, fighting in a world users could design themselves with a built-in level editor. It has some simple database integration, utilizing PHP and mySQL to hold user accounts, characters data, and their custom designed levels.

The game was still a long way from being finalized when I stopped working on it and started in on my first professional Flash gig at a place called JellyBarn in Bellingham Washington.

Unfortunately my old host went out of business suddenly and I have never had the time or energy to set up the whole system again, so I can’t show a complete working demo of the game.

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