Nonsense Waffle with Meteor


Nonsense Waffle is a word game that I started building as a personal project in February of 2015 using the new real-time Node.js based framework called Meteor.

In this game, players compete by compiling randomly generated words to create funny phrases then try to sell their ideas in the most humorous ways possible, in sort of an advanced like button and popularity challenge with a lot of role-playing elements that’s all based on silly nonsense.

The game is in its infancy right now, but I do have a working demo up and running at, with the core functionality to draw word cards and add them together to create what I’m calling a “waffle”. It also has a tab to view those waffles. The admin tab will eventually be only available to game administrators (myself), where I can add new words to the collection or get a JSON backup of the MongoDB collections. If I continue with this project I will be adding user accounts, experience points, searches, challenges, categories, tags, Facebook and g+ integration, animations, a tutorial, chat rooms and much more.

If you open the application on two different devices or tabs, you can witness one of the wonders of the Meteor platform as everything magically updates across the different instances without so much as coding an AJAX call. I can understand why people are saying Meteor is the future of web development.

The first version of this game I built in 2011 using Adobe Flash Builder/Flex with a Python backend running on Google App Engine. You can view a disorganized dump of my workspace from that project in this github repository: Back then I was calling this project Wacky Words, but I’m relatively sure now that I’m going to stick with calling it Nonsense Waffle because the game is all about nonsense and waffles are delicious.

Actually, that’s sort of a lie. After renaming this game, I looked up “waffle” and found that the British definition is “to speak or write, especially at great length, without saying anything important or useful.” That is totally the embodiment of this game!

The rough draft of the view page with a few of the waffles I created
The rough draft of the view page with a few of the waffles I created

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