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KalinFlash.com is Kalin Ringkvist’s personal website. Everything here is public domain, royalty free. Please do whatever you want with it.

Police Reform

I call it “re-inventing crime prevention” but I have supported the concept of defunding the police since around 1999 and have written many articles on the subject.

Custom Data Organizer

I am attempting to redefine the way everyday people manage their personal data. I have been working on this application since 2016.


I take a lot of pictures with my phone when I’m wandering around.


I’ve written six books, mostly science fiction, available on Amazon.


I’m an amateur cook who likes to experiment and doesn’t like following rules. I use this blog to take notes about what works and what doesn’t.

Web Development

I started as a Flash developer but now focus on Angular, D3, Ionic and JavaScript. This is my old, obsolete portfolio.


I am involved in the Pittsburgh kink and queer scene but I keep this site family-friendly. If you want to know more, contact me privately on Facebook.