PDF Creation Station v4.0

In October and November of 2014, I had some time to work on my own personal projects, so I returned to my WordPress plugin Kalin’s PDF Creation Station. You can see the older version in an older post. I have rewritten the client side to use Angular.js and Bootstrap, almost entirely eliminating jQuery from the equation, and added a couple new features such as widget and custom menu support, a new sorting and pagination system for the lists of available posts and generated files, and the ability to generate .txt and .html files.

You can see the plugin in the WordPress.org plugin section. Or you can look at a more up-to-date version of the code on github.

Here’s a little instructional video I made for the tool page.

You can also see a video for the settings page, which is a different set of PDF features that allows you to put a link on every page to a PDF of that page.

And here’s some screenshots:

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