Accretive Tech,

Our main user-facing Flash client.

From August 2011 to July 2014 I worked for Accretive Technology Group, maintaining their flagship product, a live streaming adult entertainment platform, duplicated over 1500+ websites. I started as a Flash ActionScript developer, maintaining and adding features to their performer client, of which I don’t have any screenshots, as well as the user client shown in this first image.

You can also see the user client by going to in a desktop browser and clicking on any performer. Warning: this is an NSFW site. The screenshots on this page are from the non-nude section.

Within the first year I worked with one other developer to convert our Flash user client into a mobile client for use on the few Android phones that supported Flash. Unfortunately I don’t have one of those phones so I don’t have a screenshot of that either.

Horizontal version of our mobile client shown on a phone.
Horizontal version of our mobile client shown on a phone.

After about a year I moved over to developing the model portion of the MVC framework for an HTML5 client designed for use on iPad, iPhone and other mobile devices. We focused on iOS because Apple users spend more money, but made sure everything worked on various Android devices as well. We built the app in jQuery and Spine.js, which is an MVC JavaScript framework similar to Backbone.js. I also wrote about 70 unit tests in QUnit and for future maintenance, had to learn a bit of Sass.

 Vertical version of our mobile client shown on a phone.
Vertical version of our mobile client shown on a phone.

Shortly after we finished this we began converting it for use in a couple different parts of our TV station.

After we finished the TV station, we moved on to building a redesigned Streamate. I took charge of converting the Flash client to the new design, then moved on to random tasks throughout the refactoring of our code.

In the end, I was doing mostly maintenance, bug hunting and adding small features all over the site, my time split between ActionScript, JavaScript, HTML, PHP and CSS. I finally decided to resign because it was getting to the point where I wanted to work on something different and wanted to take a break from development for a few months.

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