Dirty Marbles (Parcheesi) Flash Board Game

A buddy had this game that he claimed his grandpa had invented. He made a board and we played it a few times, then in 2004, when I wanted to give this whole ActionScript thing a try, I decided to build a Flash version of it. I posted it on NewGrounds and immediately got responses accusing me of ripping off Parcheesi, which of course, turned out to be true.

This was my first real Flash project that wasn’t straight out of a tutorial and it took me about a month, so naturally it has a few design flaws, but overall it functions and can be played. I definitely could have cleaned it up visually and add a little more user feedback to make it more understandable what moves are being made.

Ignore the note about not having the correct Flash Player. No, I did not misspell marbles.

[swf src=”http://kalinflash.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/dirtyMarbles.swf” width=”550″ height=”650″]

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