Disc Golf Access VBA Database

In the summer of 2003, just for fun, I built a personal database to keep track of my disc golf scores and my collection of frisbees. Below you can see the table structure of my disc golf database.


Shows relatationships of tables and fields. Everything is properly normalized.


The next image is of the main page of the interface system, the Add New Game form with one of the popup forms displayed below that. Again, you can hover over portions of the image to view tooltips describing the functions of the various sections. Once you understand how I intended to use the database, you’ll see that it would have been a very efficient interface system…


Add new game form. Main form in my disc golf database.

…however, I wasn’t able to finish the database by the new school year. It turned out to be a bigger project than I had expected. However, for three months work while still learning VBA and reading a 900 page programming manual cover to cover, I feel I made good progress, probably more than halfway to completion of the total project. I learned a great deal about programming and came to realize how fun it can be.

The data entry systems are complete, save for a couple minor details. What remains is the data retrieval systems. Unfortunately I won’t finish this database, as I’ve found too many other programming and web development interests, but I feel it can still be an example of my ability for both programming and interface design. If you would like to download the database and explore it, or view the code, you will need MS Access installed on your computer. Start with the “frmAddGame” form.


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