JellyBarn and IBubble

My first Flash development job was with a company called JellyBarn, in 2005, located in Bellingham Washington, where I was line-cooking at the time. We were developing a product called GrapeBerry, which was a Flash-based photo-sharing system similar to Flickr. I worked with one other Flash developer, making things like a custom slideshow system, photo albums with dynamic flipping pages, a couple games, and an ECard creator.

The company ran out of funding around 2006, but revived itself a year or so later. I came back to find they had scrapped the idea of a photo sharing system, and instead I built for them something called IBubble, which was an ECard creator system that allowed you to upload your own photos or integrate with your Flickr account. Then you could apply a number of different themes to the photos to make them fit into a holiday card, then there was a large series of decorator objects, such as hats and sunglasses, that could be dragged and dropped onto the card, with the ability to adjust size and rotation. You could also add several types of customizable thought or speech bubbles.

Again, the company ran out of funding before we got the product launched, though this time we did have a solid, marketable application.

JellyBarn again revived itself a year or so later and I came back yet again to do a little Wal-Mart price calculator widget.

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