Knockoff Vietnamese Lime Sauce for Vermicelli

Lime juice





onion powder


soy sauce or salt


optional: avocado or sesame oil

I have no idea what the watery sauce is called when you order the vermicelli noodle and vegetable dish at Vietnamese restaurants but I’m pretty sure it’s lime juice based so I tried to recreate it. I created something that’s actually not too bad and can be used in the same situations but doesn’t quite taste the same. If anyone has a link to a recipe for the real stuff I would really appreciate it.

I started by mixing everything together with just the lime juice for liquid and found the flavor was just too potent without thinning it down with a bit of water but still definitely more lime juice than water.

I thought that this would just be throwaway garbage but it turned out surprisingly well when spooned over vermicelli noodles and lettuce topped with air fryer tofu and broccoli. It does not mix s you need to spoon it out, careful to mix as you go.

This time I didn’t add any oil, mostly because I ran out of space in the jar I was using.

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