Trump is Working for Communists

If you look at the Trump administration’s choices, it all seems perfectly designed to make capitalism appear evil, democracy look stupid and communism look more inviting than ever before. Look at Trump’s complete disregard for rule of law while claiming to be the president of law and order, his relentless attacks on the constitution, his choice of words that always seem deliberately designed to offend the maximum number of people, his attempts to destroy our post office and the public parks. Children in cages. Coronavirus denial. Tear gassing for a photo op with a deliberately upside-down bible. Lies, lies and more lies. Blatant, obvious lies. All of it is calculated. It’s not the work of a madman. It’s the work of a genius who has decided to destroy our country and democracy by sparking as much hate, confusion and chaos as he possibly can, likely under the guidance of foreign communist powers. He is the greatest American traitor ever.

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