Why I’m a Space Nerd

The best reason to be a space nerd is compassion for the unknown millions of people who are suffering because they don’t have access to the vaccines, therapies, artificial organs, and other medical treatments that can only be developed, implemented, or manufactured in low gravity.

But you may also like how the space industry improves the technology of practically all the tools we use to make our lives better on a daily basis, from refrigerators, air conditioners, cars, airplanes, computers. You name it.

You may also want some ultra-high speed fiber optic cables or other products that can only be manufactured in low gravity.

Maybe you’re scared of an asteroid wiping out life on Earth and want us to have the option of redirecting it.

Or maybe it’s the idea of putting dangerous manufacturing and power generation in orbit to save our environment and protect human lives on Earth.

Maybe you want third-world nations to have internet access

or you could just want faster GPS and communications systems for yourself.

People in space will be forced to find new ways of structuring society, which may be one of the best ways to figure out how we can have peace here on Earth. That sounds kind of cool too.

A sense of adventure.

Being able to fly from New York to Tokyo in under an hour sounds kind of nice.

Maybe you have a spiritual connection to the universe. This could be your way of connecting with God.

Or because you love science and want to learn about our universe.

Maybe you’re curious if we’re alone out here.

There’s a potential for economic growth that will make the computer industry look like Beanie Babies. We could use that right about now.

Admittedly, some of us just want to ride a rocket, feel weightless and experience an amazing view.

But what really gets my heart pumping is the potential for entertainment. This video was made on a Russian airplane flying in an arc. 30 seconds of weightlessness alternating with 30 seconds of double-gravity. When you watch this video, try to imagine what entertainers might do with cheap access to space. What will movies look like? What kind of sports will we invent? Imagine John Cena versus The Rock in zero gravity. Try to envision a Cirque Du Soleil show on the moon. Can’t picture it? Neither can I. That’s how we know it’s going to blow our minds.

That’s why I’m a space nerd.

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