A Really Gross Video of Joe Biden

Someone in my facebook feed posted this video and I felt it required its own post. It’s a collection of clips of Biden getting really touchy with some women and young girls. It’s pretty gross and makes Biden look like a pedophile. I’ll post it at the bottom.

This is disgusting behavior and I’m not defending Biden. I’ll get to him later. But the fact that someone made this into a music video speaks volumes. I’ve seen Trump supporters express great humor at this. This reinforces my theory that many far-right individuals who talk big talk about how much they hate pedophilia are not actually concerned with protecting children. This video isn’t presented in a way that’s respectful toward the girls Biden is groping. It doesn’t offer solutions or even so much as a helpline you can call. All it does is make a joke out of girls being groped. They make it silly and use it to win an election, pointing out the hypocrisy of the liberals (which, granted, that does need pointing out), but they stop short of actually helping the victims or trying to do anything about it.

In fact, this video glamorizes this activity. It turns it into a fun game. I think many far-right people know deep down that these types of memes actually promote this kind of behavior rather than preventing it. For many of them, either consciously or subconsciously, that’s exactly what they want. They want to encourage bad behavior because it gives them someone they feel justified hating. They enjoy the fantasy of tearing the throats out of pedophiles. They don’t actually want pedophiles to go away.

I know this sounds harsh and judgmental and I don’t like saying this about people, some of whom are my friends and family, but I really think it’s true. I base this on my own feelings from when I was much younger and had a lot of far-right political views. I fantasized about being a police officer and making criminals suffer, but I had no interest in actually preventing crime. In fact, I actively hated people who talked about long-term crime prevention.

It’s not evil though. If you dig far enough into anyone’s psychology, you will find disturbing things, but I truly think that numerous conservatives are being deliberately counterproductive when they speak about child molestation and it’s something that needs to be acknowledged and talked about. And to be fair, I think liberals do this same thing on a few issues too. It’s a flaw in the core psychology of humans.

The other thing that obviously needs to be addressed here is that while, yes, the Trump supporters exploited this in a gross way, let’s not forget the democrats handed them this ammunition on a silver platter. This is an example of just how broken our process is. Liberals couldn’t step up and say “No. This guy is unacceptable. We want someone who can actually beat Trump in 2020.” even though that’s what we all were thinking. But we didn’t stand up for the Democratic party. Instead we just gave up.

I don’t like to spout conspiracy theories and I have no real evidence for this, but something is telling me that Biden is working for Trump. It would explain so much of his behavior, like this groping (just like Trump), his constant begging for money instead of tackling issues, his lackluster attempts at engaging with people. Everything about Biden just feels set up to lose. It would explain why Trump is not being nearly as nasty and insulting toward Biden as he was toward Hillary. I pray this is just a dumb gut feeling based on irrational fear, but if the Russian communist party can infiltrate Trump and the far-right, I don’t believe it’s irrational to think they could do it to the Democrats.

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