Dynamic Link Viewer

Something I made for my first personal website. Done in 2004, and again, not something anyone would actually want to use, because of the cumbersome way it had to be set up. But remember, we had lower standards around 2004.

[swf src=”http://kalinflash.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/linkViewer.swf” width=”625″ height=”260″]

Here’s what I originally wrote about it:

This is a menu for any website that can hold an infinate number of links, each with a description. Select categories from the dropdown box, with up to 15 links per category (in this particular version) and an unlimited number of categories. Even a massive website can have every webpage accessable from a single box at the bottom of every page. The links, categories and descriptions are all pulled from easy to edit text files. This was something I did within the first year of my Flash development. It was a good idea, but I was a beginner.

The Flash itself is a mere 17 KB, and the text files for the 60 links and descriptions displayed here are less than 8 KB total, so this system is an efficient addition to a website, though is not intented to completely replace standard HTML links.

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