AS3 QuickTimer Class

When making banner ads, often times you need to condense your animations into a short period of time. I needed an easy way to see how long my animations were taking, but something that could be quickly turned off when I needed to publish for a client review. I came up with this simple QuickTimer class. Simply import the class, then create a new instance of QuickTimer, passing in a MovieClip. The class will create a little white box in the upper left corner that will count up the seconds. Alternately, you can pass in a textfield that it will use to display the timing, or you can pass in nothing, which will turn on traceMode to simply trace out the time.

package com{

	import flash.text.TextField;
	import flash.utils.Timer;

	public class QuickTimer{

		private var mainTimer:Timer;
		private var _txt:TextField;

		private var milliseconds:int;

		private var strTime:String;
		private var traceMode:Boolean = false;

		public function QuickTimer(txt:* = null){//pass in either a textfield or movieClip to attach a textField

				traceMode = true;
				if(txt is TextField){
					_txt = txt;
					_txt.parent.visible = true;
					_txt = new TextField();
					_txt.height = 15;
					_txt.width = 26;
					_txt.background = true;
					txt.visible = true;
					_txt.x = 5;
					_txt.y = 5;
				_txt.visible = true;

			mainTimer = new Timer(100);
			milliseconds = 0;
			mainTimer.addEventListener(TimerEvent.TIMER, updateTime);

		private function updateTime(evt:TimerEvent):void{
			milliseconds += 1;

			var seconds:int = Math.floor(milliseconds/10);
			var remaining:int = milliseconds - seconds*10;

			strTime = seconds + ":" + remaining;
			if(traceMode && remaining == 0){
				trace("QuickTimer: " + seconds + " seconds");
				_txt.text = strTime;

		public function stopTimer(){

				trace("QuickTimer end: " + strTime);

		public function traceTime(timeLabel:String = null){
				trace(timeLabel + ": " + strTime);
				trace("QuickTimer current time: " + strTime);



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