Simple yogurt herb sauce

Simple yogurt herb sauce

Whole milk yogurt


Green onions



Garlic powder?

Onion powder?


Lime or lemon juice?

Mix all that stuff together. Chop the herbs up well. No sense biting into a big chunk of green onion. Only pick a couple of the optional items so it doesn’t get too complex.

I used to try yogurt sauces and they never worked but recently they have been turning out really well. I think it’s because I didn’t used to add salt. Fresh herbs are also important, though I still use dill from a jar. I bet this would be better with fresh dill.

You could also add chopped cucumber.

Use this as a dip for veggies or in gyros, burritos or other sandwiches.

Add mustard and lemon juice for something that goes well with seafood.

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