Easy Mexican Layer Dip

Easy Mexican Layer Dip

This is a staple that I frequently make when I have a new guest over. With a version for dairy sensitivities.

Mexican spices (taco seasoning, hot sauce, onion powder, chipotle or something like that.)
guacamole (I use individually packaged Wholly Guacamole from Costco. I freeze them and pull them out as needed. Guacamole freezes wonderfully and they defrost in minutes under tap water.)
refried beans
sour cream (or yogurt)
shredded cheese (or not)
random veggies (like lettuce, cabbage, peppers, onions, kale, jalapenos, radishes, cilantro, scallions, olives etc. Whatever you can find. Even broccoli or mushrooms should work in a pinch if you mix in something flavorful or spicy. Fresh dill might be interesting. Otherwise cilantro is usually your best option.)

Five layers in this order bottom to top: Guacamole, bean dip, sour cream, cheese, veggies

First mix some water, hot sauce and seasoning with your beans until they are the right consistency to be easily spreadable but not runny. Just taste along the way and keep adding seasonings and water until chips dip easily and it tastes good.

In a clear casserole dish spread the guacamole across the bottom. Next carefully spread the bean dip across that in a thin layer. Make sure the beans completely seal in the guacamole so that the air cannot get to it. Wipe the sides of the dish so we show sort of even layers when you look at it from the side.

Mix a little water with some sour cream until it’s easily spreadable but not runny. Spread a layer of that across the beans. Plan ahead to make sure you aren’t making your layers too thick. The dish fills up quicker than you think with five layers.

Next top the whole thing with shredded cheese.

Now take whatever random veggies you have in your fridge and chop them up into a dry salsa. I wouldn’t use tomatoes as the salsa will become too moist and drip into the rest of the dip. You really should have some kind of spicy pepper and something else flavorful like cilantro or green onions. (You can make more of this mixture than you need then throw it into other recipes or just use it as normal salsa. Same thing with the bean dip. It’s almost like getting three dips for the price of one.)

Top the layer dip with your dry salsa until it fills out the dish.

Make sure the bean-dip portion of the recipe has had at least a couple hours to chill for its flavors to meld. Otherwise this is good to go. Since the guacamole is on the bottom and isn’t exposed to the air, this can sit in your fridge for a couple days before it gets brown.

I often use yogurt instead of sour cream and leave out the cheese for people with dairy sensitivities.

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