Chipotle chicken crock pot burrito dinner

Cubed chicken

Lots of avocado oil

Chipotle powder




Onion powder

Jar of Salsa


Bell peppers

Can of black beans

Cubed chicken in bottom of crock pot mixed with lots of seasonings and oil. Needs lots of oil if using skinless chicken. Layer on corn, peppers and beans. Pour salsa over top. More seasoning and oil. Will turn into a soup as it cooks. An hour or so before serving use two forks to shred chicken. Push each piece against the side of crock pot to keep it in place and just spend 10 minutes just ripping it all apart. Spoon out much of the juice right before serving so burritos aren’t too sloppy. Use it later for soup or throw it out.

The key to a good burrito dinner is to have lots of different options for fillings: cheeses, veggies, herbs, rice, guacamole, sauces, chilies etc so everyone gets just what they want. Also tortilla chips so they can make nachos.

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