Seafood Crockpot Stew

raw seafood (I had a pack of scallops and a bag of raw shrimp)


Bell Pepper

lemon juice

wine (I used Boyz II Men wine)

2 cans of clams (this is very optional. I probably would not have used it if I wasn’t trying to use up some old cans)

Butter and lots of it (I used coconut oil to make it dairy-free) – probably about an entire stick of butter

minced garlic

cayenne pepper

The seafood was all frozen so I just dumped it into the crockpot and dumped everything else on top of it until the liquid came about halfway to the top of all the stuff. I left it in the fridge overnight. I cut the potato and bell pepper into pretty big chunks. Six hours on low seemed to do the trick.

I used in-shell shrimp and the shells got really soft. I definitely recommend shelled shrimp to make the whole eating process easier. The shrimp and scallops seemed to shrink when they cooked. The clams were hard to find being so much smaller than the other items. The meat had a texture that I have never had with seafood before. It took a little getting used to but I was very happy with the result.

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