The Space Industry is a Beacon of Hope in Difficult Times

I really believe that space news does not get nearly enough mainstream attention. It has far more affect on our daily lives than most political news and just about all celebrity news, yet it seems to be only a niche subject. Is that because there is rarely any bad news coming out of the space industry? Because there’s nothing to get really angry about? Is it because the effects on our lives often take a few years to be felt? Or is it because it has a stigma that it’s reserved only for smart or rich people? It is so advantageous for society to stay informed about developing technologies, yet so few of us actually take the time.

So I’m posting this video from Tim Dodd because it gives a very good overview of all the major space-related news stories for the year so everyone can get caught up. It’s been one of the biggest years ever for space travel. This video is long, but it’s very informative and covers practically everything for 2020. But be warned, this may cause you to question any beliefs that our society is doomed.

Another space-nerd YouTuber, SpaceXCentric, made a joke recently that went something like “Please Elon, we need more rocket tests to support our mental health.” I think Tim Dodd put it better when he said that the space industry is a beacon of hope for all humanity during some really trying times. It has certainly helped me this year more than I can describe.

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