Egg-Free Krab Salad

Fake Crab


onions (prefer both green and regular)


coconut cream

lemon and/or lime juice



I based this loosely on this recipe: Actually I guess it’s pretty close. I went with celery instead of my normal preference of bell pepper so that it would take more of a background. I used coconut cream powder instead of opening a can of coconut milk and scraping off the cream.

I mixed the “mayo” together first and taste tested. I used a lot of lemon and lime juice and resisted the temptation to add garlic. I think garlic would have ruined it. The cream came out looking a little curdled just because the powder wasn’t fully mixed so it would probably look better if I used better coconut cream. But once it was mixed with the other ingredients, it almost looked like a dry krab salad except the coconut, lemon/lime and pepper made this pop quite well so it didn’t need more sauce. This was a happy surprise. I was expecting it to be more like traditional creamy krab salad but instead it had a very new kind of flavor and non-traditional texture.

In the future I wonder what else I could do with a quick and easy sauce of coconut cream, salt, pepper and lemon/lime. Shrimp salad, obviously. Maybe cucumber salad or just use it as a salad dressing.

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