Wacky Words Facebook MMO

This is a funny word massive multiplayer role playing game built on Flash Builder and Google App Engine. Create funny combinations of words from random choices, then write out a description and try to sell your idea to investors. The more ridiculous the better. Gain cash as you get votes and investors, gain levels and buy skills. My future plans were to be able to buy naughty words, upload videos and images to  further illustrate your concept or start rivalries with other players or friends.

I never finished the project and since I stopped working on this project, Google App Engine removed support for Python versions below 2.7, so my app stopped working. It would take a bit of work to migrate this project to 2.7 and if I ever return to this I want to re-do it in AngularJS anyway so I decided to focus on other projects.

Even though it doesn’t work, and the folders are still a bit disorganized, you can still see the code on github: https://github.com/kalinr/Wacky-Words-Facebook-MMO.

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