Axis and Allies Board Game

I built this not-quite-complete Axis and Allies game around 2006. I quit developing because I started working at a company called EZShow Studio and wanted to switch to AS3 development.

You might need to have played the actual board game Axis and Allies in order to understand what is going on, as it’s a complex game. The very first screen you see is the purchase menu for Russia. Once you have selected your purchases, you can click and drag on the game board to move around and use the mouse scroll wheel to zoom in and out. Click on the appropriate military forces to select move or attack options (Russia goes first; try attacking one of the nearby German territories). You can move and attack with troops, planes, tanks, ships, etc. You can even load troops or tanks onto transport ships. Once you attack a neighboring territory, the battle menu appears and each country must roll dice for their attack and defense.

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