Samsung's Milk Music at Smartek21

In December of 2014 I joined a small team at Smartek21, JavaScripting for Samsung’s Milk Music web player. We used jQuery, Backbone.js, Underscore.js and Require.js, in an MVC structure to communicate with a custom API which interfaced with Slacker’s API to get most of the data. Milk Music is basically Slacker Radio but is Samsung branded and has a better user interface–at least in my opinion.

The application was mostly complete when I began but I helped solve many bugs and added a few minor features that were necessary for production release. We worked with the Samsung team in California through daily conference calls and instant messengers. In February 2015, Samsung decided to move the whole team to California. Since I didn’t want to leave Seattle I had to quit after just two months, despite how much I enjoyed working with this team.

Milk Music web player was launched in March 2015. You can use the player at You will need to sign up for a free Samsung account.

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