Appcelerator – Batch File Actions

This is a tool that allows you to parse through folders and files and commit an action (move, delete, copy, rename) on any file and/or folder that matches certain criteria. You can even enter a regex to select items. This is written in JQuery and HTML, utilizing the Appcelerator Titanium engine to turn it into a desktop app that runs on Windows, Linux or Mac.

At this point the app is functional, but is still not tested enough to be reliable. I never got around to finalizing it or using it for my own purposes, though I would still like to someday. You can download the actual app and test it, but be certain not to let it near sensitive files. You can also download the source code, but you will need to have the Appcelerator development environment installed, and I can’t guarantee it will still work with newer versions of Appcelerator.

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