KalinPlayer Android Music Player File Browser

In 2009 I bought a G1, back when it was the only Android phone available. Immediately I became frustrated because none of the available music players were capable of recognizing my music because I didn’t have perfect track information embedded on my files. They all gave me one pool with hundreds of songs named track1, track2, track3… Or they would have multiple different entries for the same band. For example: AC/DC, AC_DC, AC DC and ACDC.

To solve this, I developed KalinPlayer, which I used every day for a year and a half as my music player. I never got all the kinks worked out to the point where I felt comfortable releasing it to the public, but it worked for me and that’s what was important.

I did intend to finish and release it, so I built a screenshots and instructions page to show the different features and an explanation page but I built them on a wiki site that no longer exists so my help pages are all gone.

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