Kalin's Post List WordPress Plugin

This WordPress plugin creates a shortcode, PHP snippet, or widget for placing highly customizable lists of posts, pages, or attachments into your post content or theme, built in PHP and JQuery. To look at the source code or get more information, go to the download page on WordPress.org, or search for it in your WordPress admin’s plugin repository.

You can see this plugin in use in the right sidebar of KalinFlash.com. You may notice when rolling over the items in the “Recent Additions” widget, you’ll get the post excerpt as a tooltip, which can’t be done with the regular recent posts widget. The “All Portfolio Entries” is another example of this plugin’s widget feature. There are many options for which posts to show, and you can write your own HTML, CSS, and even JavaScript, totally customizing the display of the lists.

Here’s another example, using the shortcode feature instead of a widget. This is a dropdown list of every portfolio entry on this site, organized alphabetically by title instead of chronologically. You could even get crazy if you wanted to and show the post excerpt whenever an item is selected.

[post_list preset=”postDropdown”]

Another example of this plugin exists on every portfolio entry, at the top, where it displays “year”, “technologies” and “involvement”. These three items are custom fields applied to the posts. Technically this isn’t a list. This is an example of Post List set to “none” mode, where all the internal shortcodes refer to the current post instead of the items in the list.

And here’s a screenshot of the main shortcode creation page:

Screenshot of Kalin's Post List settings page

Here’s another example, a CSS based table that displays all posts from the “Flash” category in a random order.

[post_list preset=”tableExample”]

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