Easy Crock Pot Teriyaki Beef Stew

Aldi Teriyaki Asian sauce (the only good store-bought teriyaki I’ve been able to find. Or you can use my teriyaki recipe.)

Beef stew meat

Sliced onions

Broccoli (or other suitable vegetable)

Oil or butter

Sriracha (optional)

Toss the meat, teriyaki, oil or butter, sriracha, and onions in the crockpot. Set on low for six to eight hours. In the last half hour, toss in the broccoli. Serve with rice, raw broccoli, and sriracha marinated broccoli.

The sriracha is optional but I found that just a touch of it added a lot of flavor.

I have also done this with bbq sauce instead of teriyaki and left out the broccoli. I used a Memphis style bbq sauce and it was too sweet. I think a spicy Texas style sauce would likely be better.

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