Air Fryer Spicy Broccoli And Optional Tofu


sesame oil

avocado oil

soy sauce or salt




turmeric (lots and lots)

Chop up the broccoli and mix in all the oils and seasonings. Mix well. Go pretty liberal with the turmeric. It’s good for you. It will stain everything in your kitchen yellow but it’s worth it. Actually, go pretty liberal with all the spices except the salt. Needs lots of oil. The broccoli soaks it up and turns it crispy. Everyone warns me about cooking at high temperature with sesame oil but I’ve never had a problem so I’m going to keep doing it.

Toast in the air fryer for probably 8 or 9 minutes at around 400. I still need to narrow down the time and temp. It depends on how big the chunks are and how crispy you want them. Like always with the air fryer you must watch carefully because it’s a fine line between crispy and delicious and burnt.

You could do this in a regular oven but it’s really the crispiness of the air fryer on the broccoli that is the star of the show for me. It would still be good from the oven but for me would be missing an important detail.

This time I mixed the broccoli and the tofu together, but next time I will put them on separate little baking sheets in the air fryer as the tofu needed much longer than the broccoli. That probably depends a lot on how much moisture is in the tofu. I tried to soak the moisture out but there was still a lot in there so it didn’t get as crispy as I’d like.

The broccoli however is always crispy and delicious this way. I made it really spicy this time but put it over vermicelli noodles and lettuce with my knockoff Vietnamese sauce stuff that I put together. Something about the combination was extremely satisfying. It just felt good to eat and sat comfortably in my stomach afterward. Maybe because I hadn’t had many vegetables lately and really needed the vitamins in the broccoli. Between the two recipes it had a ton of flavor but somehow wasn’t too much. I’m not sure if others would like it as much as me though because I tend to like really complex and intense flavors.

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