Chicken, sausage, peppers and potatoes

Skin-on chicken. I used drumsticks.

Peppers or other roastable vegetables. I used bell and poblano peppers and mushrooms. I should have also used a bag of radishes I had. Next time I will use just whole mushrooms and whole radishes since they are larger.

Sausage. I used jimmy dean breakfast only because the store didn’t have Italian sausage.


Whole garlic cloves




Italian seasoning

Garlic powder? (I will leave this out next time)

I sort of followed the recipe on this video and it turned out quite well. I used Jimmy Dean sausage patties, though I would definitely rather use the Italian sausage the original recipe called for. I fried them up like Chef John said to, but the Jimmy Dean patties didn’t give me any grease so next time I won’t bother frying them. I’ll just mix everything straight into the roasting pan. I used my big cast iron skillet and just moved the whole thing into the oven after frying the sausage. I had too much ingredients to fit in one pan so I pulled more into a second roasting pan. The cast-iron wound up burning some of the smaller pieces while my metal pan made things kind of oily and juicy but not burned. Both pans turned out really delicious as long as you avoid the burned pieces and get rid of the excess oil.

Next time I am going to try just doing mushrooms, potatoes and radishes as it was mostly the peppers that got burned. The whole garlic cloves also got burned but they were so delicious that I will probably use them again. I think I will try putting a raw sausage patty on top of each chicken leg so its grease soaks into the chicken. (Actually only do this to half so we have a control group.) I think I should try mixing the ingredients up after they’ve cooked for half an hour or so which may help keep them from burning.

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