Curry with cheesesteak meat — Meh :(

Frozen cheesesteak meat


Bell peppers

Fresh turmeric

Fresh ginger

Fresh garlic

Powdered cumin


Avocado oil

Canned coconut milk

Tomato paste

Fried up the fresh seasonings and onion. Added bell pepper a little later just before the frozen meat. Added cumin to taste. Added coconut milk after meat finished cooking. Then I added tomato paste to thicken it but I wish I hadn’t and just let it be a thin curry. I cut the ginger and turmeric too large. I should use a food processor or chop the hell out of it. Otherwise I should just use powdered ginger or turmeric unless it’s a special occasion. The extra hassle and risk of over or under seasoning just isn’t worth using the fresh stuff. I also think I’m gonna stop buying frozen meats. I can get fresh chicken or steak when I need it and the extra work is worth it for a fresher tasting meat dish.

I wasn’t impressed with this when I first cooked it but I ate it cold for lunch a couple days later and it didn’t seem so bad. I think I have the right idea. I just need to use fresh meats, play with the flavors a little and add the tomato earlier or not at all.

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