Broccoli celery slaw

Broccoli celery slaw



Green pepper

Onion (not too much. Don’t overpower the other veggies. Chop small)

Or radishes

Onion powder?

Garlic powder?

Italian seasoning?


This started because one day all I had for veggies was broccoli, celery, green pepper and onions. I just chopped it all up into a dry salsa and my roommate went crazy over it. So now we buy broccoli and celery more often. This last time we didn’t have any onions so I added some radishes at the same proportions as I would the onion. I couldn’t taste the radish so next time I’ll add as much radish as I have green pepper. I cheat by adding seasonings to enhance the natural veggie flavor. I was adding salt but I stopped doing that as it pulls too much liquid out of the veggies.

Serve by mixing with your favorite peanut or ginger sauce or any kind of coleslaw or salad dressing.

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