Coronavirus Lockdowns have Worked in Trump’s Favor

With the coronavirus lockdowns in place, most of our political interactions are now conducted online where we are able to disconnect from the humanity of the situation. We are able to forget that these are real people we’re talking to with real feelings. We rarely have real discussions online. We have meme-battles and mic drops but we don’t actually talk to each other, even though the capacity to do so is right there in front of us. This is a perfect environment for Trump supporters. They know how to post meme after meme without fact checking while heartlessly ignoring comments from victims. They aren’t concerned about being honest or ethical or compassionate. This way of thinking becomes amplified online.

The internet is a very dehumanizing place, and that environment plays right into the hands of the 4chan generation. Everything about the Trump campaign reminds me of my 7th grade bullies, where they only care about moral values long enough to manipulate you and point the finger at someone else. On the internet, the Trump army has the home-field advantage. They are trying to drag us down to their level and beat us with experience. And it’s working.

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