Review of The Wrong Missy on Netflix with Spoilers

I don’t normally do movie reviews but I finally watched The Wrong Missy on Netflix and was taken aback by the lack of social responsibility shown by the writers.

Spoilers will follow:

If you’ve seen the preview, you know it’s about a boring businessman named Tim who invites the wrong woman on a corporate retreat. The first thing she does is drug and rape him on the plane while other passengers watch and laugh. Tim is really upset about this and starts fantasizing about her death/murder. She then goes on a drinking binge, committing a few different sexual assaults on Tim’s coworkers and on Tim. She breaks up someone’s marriage just for kicks. Then Missy finally convinces Tim to have a threesome with Tim’s ex-girlfriend. They accidentally kick the shit out of Tim’s ex, and otherwise ignore her, then bond over their mutual lack of concern for her well-being. Tim’s ex of course is totally cool with all this and isn’t angry at all. No hurt feelings. No social fallout. Next they brainwash and hypnotize Tim’s boss so he can get a promotion. Then they get married or something and live… happily?… ever after.

It seems like it shouldn’t be so hard to find entertaining and funny movies that deal with drinking, drug use, relationships, polyamory, sex and other things they don’t teach in school in mildly realistic ways that actually show people facing real consequences and offer real solutions to communications problems. It doesn’t seem like it should be that hard. I don’t know. Maybe if we demand more emphasis on writing over special effects. More real human characters. More actual research into what makes people eccentric.

I’m not telling you not to watch it. It was actually rather funny at times. I’m just saying when I was done it definitely had not taught me any deep lessons about life.

I guess they can make a Wrong Missy 2 that takes place two years down the road where she’s emotionally abusing him and cheating on him and he’s planning her murder. Sounds like a laugh a minute with no redeeming social value.

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