Cowboy Chicken and Beans in Crockpot (Failure)

Cowboy Chicken and Beans in Crockpot (Failure)

I thought this was such a great idea but it didn’t turn out as I’d hoped.

brown sugar
fresh ground black pepper
fresh minced garlic

liquid smoke
tomato sauce
tomato paste

cubed chicken on the bottom of the crock pot mixed with flavors
corn layered on top
diced poblano pepper on top of corn
red beans on top of poblano
bacon on top of everything else
bacon fat and liquid smoke drizzled on top of everything
more flavors scattered on top

It sounds delicious when I list ingredients but it just didn’t work. I think it needed a lot more fat, either bacon fat or avocado oil. Try leaving out the liquid smoke and adding a lot more bacon fat. Or use pork instead of chicken. I added tomato paste and sauce late in the cooking hoping it would carry the flavors a little better. It helped but I may throw a lot of this away.

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