Glowing Scallops over broccoli

I took the flavor combination from this glowing lentil soup recipe:

lime juice
cayenne or chili flakes
salt (not much if you’re using seafood with this)

can of coconut milk
can of diced tomatoes
red cabbage
scallops or other protein like chicken, beef or beans
Any roasted vegetable should do but I liked the idea of broccoli because it gets pretty dry and seems like it would soak up the soup.
side of naan bread

Combine seasonings with the coconut milk and diced tomatoes in a pot on the stove. Once it got simmering I added a whole bag, 16 ounces, of scallops. After tasting it, I feel it’s a bit too fishy, so next time I do this I think I will just use chicken or beef.

roast the broccoli and red cabbage in the oven in a glass dish with oil, pepper and onion or whatever seasonings you want, but it should be lighter flavored than the soup. In hindsight, I maybe could have just cooked the vegetables in the soup and skipped a whole step.

In this dish the star of the show should be the seasoning combination. This is why I think using seafood was a mistake because it distracts too much. This is why I went with broccoli because it doesn’t have much of its own flavor.

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